Flexterra Flexible Growth Medium (FGM)

OBL are Accredited Installers of Flexterra HP-FGM and this product is revolutionising the hydroseeding and erosion control markets. FGM’s are the ultimate in soil erosion technology and offer superior erosion control capability compared to both Bonded Fire Matrix products and erosion control blankets.

  • Effective upon application—bonds directly to the soil
  • Superior erosion control—99% effectiveness at all major testing laboratories
  • Fastest turf establishment—grows vegetation eight times faster than bare soil and twice as fast as rolled blankets
  • Faster lay down and lower installed costs than rolled blankets
  • Less soil preparation required versus rolled blankets
  • Wildlife safe—no nets, threads or staples to entangle wildlife or mowing equipment

FGM’s effectively act to seal off the soil from rainfall impact and mild concentrated flows, vastly out performing erosion control blankets in rainfall simulation tests. It’s ability to hold water and maintain air space results in superior and accelerated growth – this has been proven in independent testing.

A combination of Thermally Refined® wood fibres, crimped man-made fibres and performance-enhancing additives form a lofty, interlocking matrix that creates air space and water-absorbing cavities to accelerate germination, reduce the impact of raindrop energy and minimize soil loss.

Water-resistant tackifiers and flocculants chemically bond the matrix to the soil surface, absorbing water and enabling superior vegetation establishment. Some FGM’s are able to achieve 98% effectiveness in just 2 hours and are proven to be 99% effective once cured.

OBL are Accredited Installers for Flexible Growth Mediums, using our range of hydroseeding equipment and individually trained personnel. Once again this hydraulic application carries all of the cost saving benefits of hydroseeding and EFM products by keeping labour and ground preparation requirements to a minimum,


Flexterra Flexible Growth Medium (FGM)

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