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Hydraulic Erosion Control

Hydraulic Erosion Control

Hydraulic erosion control is fast becoming the preferred solution to surface soil runoff, specified in preference to erosion blankets.

Oliver Brown Ltd is one of only two Certified Installers for Profile Products, including Flexterra HP-FGM.  This product has superior erosion control properties when installed correctly.  Oliver Brown Ltd have successfully applied Flexterra on flood alleviation schemes where the product has been subjected to high flow velocities, and runways on commercial airports within the ‘Jet Blast’ areas.  Flexterra is approved for use by the CAA for high jet blast areas, replacing the need for net and batton previously used.

Hydraulic Erosion Control Techniques

Unlike blankets, hydraulically applied erosion control systems are sprayed on and therefore genuinely follow the contours of the ground, with no bridging, air pockets or potential for washout below the matting. Conventional coir blankets and jute netting can allow water to seep through and gradually cause washout behind the matting. These spray-on systems actually lock the soil particles together using soil binders and biodegradeable fibres to create a seamless blanket of protection. Hydraulically applied erosion control systems have been proven to reduce soil loss by 96% compared to traditional erosion control mats.

These products are applied at thicknesses ranging from 1700kg/Ha to 5100kg/Ha depending on the severity of slope and soil conditions. In basic hydroseeding mulch is used simply as a carrier to transport seed, but in hydraulic erosion control it is the mulch itself which initially holds the key protection properties during the establishment of the seed.


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Reinforced Turf Solutions

Oliver Brown Ltd specialises in cutting-edge combination systems which utilises the strength and durability of turf reinforcement matting (TRM) in conjunction with hydraulically applied erosion control techniques.  This reduces the need for imported soils to cover the TRM, and encourages the roots to develop into the matting itself, creating a seamless mat, knitted together with rooting vegetation.


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