Blended Mulch

Blended mulch is widely used by hydroseeding contractors and is suitable for a variety of applications. Mulching enhances the establishment of the seedlings by reducing the water evaporation and therefore aiding the soil’s moisture retention. Our blended mulch is made up of 70% Wood Fibre, blended with 30% Clean Recycled Paper. Blended mulches are the most popular type for most projects.

Blended mulch offers increased performance over the likes of paper mulch products and straight wood mulches. When applied by professional hydroseeding contractors, it forms a homogeneous and consistent mix which helps to achieve better water absorption than a straight wood or straw mulch.

Applied during the hydroseeding process, blended mulch promotes optimal growing conditions to deliver quicker and better germination and provides a slow release of moisture back into the soil.

As well as helping with the moisture of the soil, blended mulch moderates soil temperature, creating a microclimate to aid germination. When used on slopes up to 1:3, blended mulch can provide some limited short term erosion protection.

Blended Mulch

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