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View this post on Instagram Just shows the amount of work going on underground. Heavy metal laden soils, arsenic, lead,cadmium etc in high concentrations with a pH of almost 9 on old tailings of a historic lead mine. ProGanics, Flexterra and specialist amendments have produced this result in 4 weeks, stimulating growth, soil activity and […]

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Tree Surgery – Why do you need a tree climbing bat inspection?

At Oliver Brown, we offer a vast range of tree works and clearing services. Our arboricultural team are highly trained and skilled, and experts in their field. One of the more specialised services we offer is tree climbing bat inspections. We have specialists who hold Natural England bat licences that permit them to climb trees and […]

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Tips for choosing the right type of fencing for you

At Oliver Brown, we pride ourselves on the extensive selection of fencing that we offer, as well as our varied and personally-tailored fencing solutions. For some people and businesses, the type of fence you’re after might be obvious. However, if you’re not sure, choosing a fence that fulfils all of your criteria can be slightly […]

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Wildflower Meadows Makes Wildlife Thrive

Wildflower meadows are a key part of our ecosystem. As well as making for a beautiful, natural alternative to lawns and borders, wildflower seeding is an extremely important source of habitat for pollinators like bees and butterflies. Wildflower Meadows Wildflower meadows are one of the rarest habitats in the UK and we have lost 97% of […]

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