Wood Fibre

As the name suggests, this mulch product is 100% whole wood fibre. Wood fibre mulches are specifically designed to be applied using hydroseeding equipment or mechanically agitated equipment as it is termed by hydroseeding contractors. Wood fibre mulch is derived from wood chips that are ground between large steel plates until the chips are converted to fine intertwined fibres.

Once Thermally Refined wood fibre mulch is applied, it provides a three-dimensional matrix on the ground surface, meaning it has a vertical dimension, or loft. The fine fibres, which have a high amount of surface area, hold more moisture than paper, which makes wood fibre mulch superior at establishing vegetation, especially where irrigation is not in place.

Thermally Refined wood fibre mulches achieve excellent water absorption and retention, working to sustain the seed during dry spells and promote seed growth until the sward has established enough to stabilise the soil.

Once Hydroseeding has taken place the Wood Fibre forms a homogeneous mix that decomposes naturally and in turn contributes nutrients back into the soil.

Wood Fibre

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