Dust Control

Dust Control

OBL use pioneering technologies to control dust using our own large and small scale hydroseeding machinery.  Dust must be controlled on sites within the UK, not only for legal reasons, but also for health and safety requirements.

Dust control can take many forms but mostly in the UK dust suppression is performed using thousands of gallons of water per day, spread using tractor drawn tanker, or lorry units.  This method not only uses huge quantities of water, but it is labour intensive and can also lead to run off of silt into water courses if over applied.  Once water is sprayed over the area, it can be a matter of minutes until the water has evaporated in hot weather, meaning it needs applying once again.  A never ending cycle.

OBL use dust suppression polymers in order to lock the surface of the soil together, effectively sealing the particles into position and reducing dust.  Application of OBL’s unique dust suppression polymers can be used to control dust for periods of weeks, months or even years.  We can even apply onto busy construction haul roads, in quarries or mines and only reapply when necessary.  Contact OBL now, for your dust suppression solution!


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