Erosion Control

Erosion Control by Oliver Brown Ltd. We have extensive industry experience in the erosion control techniques listed below. We offer practical advice and will be happy to discuss your requirements in further detail.

OBL prides itself on the ability to provide effective erosion control solutions to each and every client with all members of staff CSCS, CPCS, ROLO, NPORS, CTA and NPTC certified.


Hydraulically applied erosion control systems are sprayed on and therefore genuinely follow the contours of the ground, with no bridging, air pockets or potential for washout below the matting > Read More


OBL have exclusive access to industry leading products and promote the ‘hydromulching’ technique that has a number of advantages over standard hydroseeding & conventional seeding > Read More


Reinforced systems combine the long-term erosion protection of a Turf Reinforcement Matting (TRM) which is hydraulically infilled with an erosion control hydromulch such as ECOFLEX HP-FGM > Read More


Soil run off and sediment control can be a huge problem on construction sites and areas where vegetation has been removed, creating large catchments of clear land > Read More


OBL use pioneering technologies to control dust using our own large and small scale hydroseeding machinery for long periods of time. Saving water, time and money.. Dust must be controlled on sites within the UK, not only for legal reasons, but also for health and safety requirements > Read More


Erosion Control Hydroseed Bank


What is a combination erosion control system?

Combination erosion control systems make an excellent choice when it comes to preventing the movement of soil caused by rainfall, snow, ice, irrigation systems, and other natural elements. The combination of matting such as Futerra TRM that is infilled with mulch products creates the Green Armour system.

Why is it important?

Not only does erosion control prevent the movement of the actual soil, but it also prevents the movement of small particles and nutrients which enhances the quality of the soil.

How does it work?

The combination of a matting material that is hydraulically infilled with mulch provides permanent erosion control, with a lifespan of 100+ years. The mixture effectively creates a double barrier when it comes to preventing soil and particle loss. When it comes to erosion that is caused by high winds and extreme water flow, the rigidity of the matting combined with the density of the mulch provides unparalleled protection. It will also help to create a higher density turf thanks to the fact it doubles the speed of germination.

Where can combination erosion control be used?

All landowners should consider combination erosion control for land decisions, particularly with land that is susceptible to erosion. Taking into account factors such as rainfall, average wind-speed, location, and gradient of the land, a combination erosion control method can be matched to site-specific requirements.


Combination erosion control systems are extremely effective and hardwearing, and will not unravel, crush the soil, or tear. They are almost 100% effective at reducing soil loss, and particularly lend themselves to high banks and areas open to the elements.

For more information on combination erosion control systems, contact Oliver Brown by clicking here or call 08453073774.

Erosion Control

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