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Hydro Mulching

Oliver Brown Ltd have exclusive access to industry leading products and promote the ‘hydromulching’ technique which has a number of advantages over standard hydroseeding & conventional seeding and has become increasingly popular in the UK. The mixture, sometimes referred to as ‘slurry’, can help to provide a micro climate for the seed and can achieve quicker germination, accelerated growth and increased establishment success compared to standard methods. Hydromulching slurry uses a high concentration of specialist inert organic fibres, tackifiers, biostimulants and fertilisers in order to boost germination and establishment.

The seed mixtures included within the liquid suspension can be of any type as long as they can pass through the pipework and application nozzles.  Hydromulching involves applying between 1800kg/Ha and 5500kg/Ha (dry weight) of fibre material, plus the additional additives and stimulants required for the site specific application.

Hydromulching Seed Mixtures

Seed mixtures can include most species, including tree and shrub seeds. These can all be sown most successfully using hydroseeding; from wildflower and pasture seeding to amenity, sports and erosion control mixtures. Where wildflower and species rich mixtures are used, hydromulching achieves the most uniform distribution of each seed type, size and species within the mixture, as the seed is successfully suspended and mixed in the machinery, then applied and covered with mulch at a suitable depth. The use of the hydromulching technique ensures the seed is locked into close contact with the soil or substrate, and is less likely to be washed away by heavy rainfall or affected by climatic changes.

Oliver Brown Ltd use hydro mulch which can be used in conjunction with other specialist ingredients including soluble or slow release fertilizer, tackifying agents, vegetable dye, biostimulants and other additives depending on the seed species, ground conditions, gradients and technical requirements. Oliver Brown Ltd undertake soil sampling, site surveys and can create site specific specifications to provide a practical solution for architects, designers and clients.

Hydromulching Machinery

Oliver Brown Limited’s professional range of machinery has the ability to pump these thick slurries effectively, for application by extensively trained operatives.  Each operative knows how to apply a hydromulch application, and the differences are instantly recognisable on the ground.  Hydroseeding using a lower mulch content is applicable for areas where establishment is not the primary requirement, for example; flat, cultivated areas or when introducing specific species into an area to increase biodiversity, where uneven establishment is encouraged.  Generally, where vegetation establishment is required, hydromulching provides superior results.

Hydro Mulching

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