Soil Run Off Systems

Soil Run Off Systems

Soil run off and sediment control can be a huge problem on construction sites and areas where vegetation has been removed, creating large catchments of clear land.  These areas may be man made or natural areas of land slips or even coastal erosion.  OBL can provide the solutions you require in order to deal with issues with sediment control and pollution.

Erosion control systems often include sediment control such as silt fencing or biodegradable ‘rolls’ which allow the flow of water through them but capture the sediment and prevent entry into sensitive water courses and ecosystems.

Biodegradable rolls are not just for emergency reactive use, but often incorporated into OBL designs for erosion control and soil run off as a proactive measure. Soil run off systems are generally installed prior to hydromulching, the two systems can compliment each other and aid the establishment of vegetation by reducing the flow velocity water downhill.

Products include, log rolls, coir blankets, silt fencing, straw wattles and mud mats.  Most of these products are not only used in soil run-off systems but also in wetland mitigation and habitat creation.

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