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Reinforced Hydroseeding Solutions

Reinforced Hydroseeding Solutions

Oliver Brown Limited have extensive experience in specifying and installing combined Reinforced Hydroseeding Solutions.

Reinforced systems combine the long-term erosion protection of a Turf Reinforcement Matting (TRM) which is hydraulically infilled with an erosion control hydromulch such as Flexterra HP-FGM.

OBL are certified installers of the Green Armour System, which enorporates Futerra TRM and Flexterra.  Futerra is installed onto a graded slope or channel  in accordance with the guidelines ensuring there are no bridges or gaps underneath the matting.  Flexterra HP-FGM is then used to infill the Futerra TRM to closely bond the soil and the seed together with the TRM.  This type of reinforced system can help to protect against hydraulic flow and retain vegetation in place, encouraging root establishment and providing strength to the entire area.  The result of this type of system is a long-term reinforced grass sward.


Oliver Brown Limited also use biodegradable netting such as jute or coir, combined with hydraulic erosion products to create medium term erosion control solutions.  The medium term products are often installed in areas where grazing may be intended or if areas are likely to be developed in the future.  Oliver Brown Ltd can specify the correct solution for your site, while working within budgets and site hazard constraints.

Benefits of reinforced systems are as follows:

  • Permanent erosion control
  • Combines TRM reinforcment matting with Flexterra HP-FGM
  • Lifespan of 100+ years where required
  • Unparalled resistance to shear force and flow velocity
  • Almost 100% effective at reducing soil loss
  • Instant erosion protection
  • Creates a higher density turf
  • Doubles speed of germination
  • Will not unravel, crush or tear

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