Flexterra Flexible Growth Medium (FGM) versus Pro Matrix Engineered Fibre Matrix (EFM)

Despite their complicated names, FGM and EFM both have one simple job: erosion control. Of all our hydroseeding products at Oliver Brown, FGM and EFM are perhaps most easily confused due to their lengthy names. However, don’t let this put you off; we’ve put together a short comparison guide in order to break down the properties and effects of each product to help you decide what best suits your requirements.


Flexterra Flexible Growth Medium (FGM)

FGMs have experienced a huge surge in popularity in recently. A relatively new product, FGM was first created in 2004 and has since been modified. Representing the most advance technology used in hydraulic mulches, FGMs are incredibly reliable and offer almost guaranteed success.

What is Flexterra FGM?

Flexterra FGM is an innovative erosion control system that can be applied for erosion control and vegetation establishment. It is made from wood fibres, crosslinked hydro-colloid binders (tackifiers), super-absorbent particles, activators and interlocking fibres. The FGM can be mixed with seed and fertilizer and applied using a hydro-seeder through hose or cannon.

Benefits of FGM

  • Cavities in the mixture increase water holding capacity, meaning hydration for longer.
  • No cure time – the mixture is effective upon application.
  • 99% erosion control effectiveness.
  • Combination of mechanical and chemical bonds create an erosion control blanket that has a superior structure and adhesive properties.
  • Unlike erosion control blankets, FGM has no netting or stitching that has to be stretched over the soil.
  • Better vegetation establishment due to loft and water holding capacity.


When is FGM best used?

  • When slopes are extremely steep, up to 1:1
  • When grass growth is a priority.
  • Where soils are poorly graded.
  • When dormant seeding is required
  • Projects that require long-term protection.

Pro Matrix Engineered Fibre Matrix (EFM)

EFM is an erosion control blanket with a difference. Fibres are joined together to create a 3-dimensional blanket that grips to soil surface.

What is Pro Matrix Engineered Fibre Matrix (EFM)?

EFM was especially created with the sole purpose of controlling erosion. It is available at cheaper rates than many of its competitors, making it cost effective as well as easy to apply. It is composed of 100% recycled thermally refined wood fibres, man-made biodegradable fibres and naturally derived biopolymers. EFMs are also free of plastic netting unlike conventional erosion control blankets, making it entirely environmentally friendly. Unlike FGMs, it does requiring curing time, however during this time it does form intimate bonds with the soil surface ensuring a flexible and absorbent blanket.

Benefits of EFM

  • Reduces turbidity of runoff for up to 12 months.
  • Promotes rapid germination and vegetative establishment, with 600% minimum increase in initial germination.
  • Time saving – highest loading capacity in category therefore reducing the overall water usage and number of trips for water.
  • Even distribution, Propriety Dispersion Granules facilitate a smooth spreading of the mulch.
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable.

When is EFM best used?

  • For steep slopes that normally require erosion control blankets.
  • When areas where water is difficult to access are being treated.
  • When soil is needed to be kept in place for up to one year.
  • When cost is a priority.

Flexterra Flexible Growth Medium (FGM) versus Pro Matrix Engineered Fibre Matrix (EFM)

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