Invasive Plant Removal Services

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Invasive Plant Removal Services

Japanese Knotweed

At Oliver Brown Ltd, our team is trained, qualified and very experienced in invasive plant management. Whether you need to control or eradicate invasive plants to prevent them from damaging your environment, our team provides a comprehensive service that utilises techniques such as herbicide control and on-site encapsulation and removal to achieve results. In many situations a combination of these techniques is used to delivered a swift and cost effective solution.

The most common plant we deal with is the Japanese knotweed. This plant will damage foundations, buildings, roads and other structures. If you’ve spotted the plant on your property or site then Japanese knotweed removal may be required. We offer a range of Japanese knotweed solutions, including herbicide control, excavation and treatment, as well as removal and burial.

We are specialists in the removal from sites of contaminated soils. Handling the process from the initial consultation, through soil sampling and analysis, to removal and disposal in line with the rigorous requirements of the Environment Agency. We’ll take the time to discuss your needs with you before providing the most suitable service.

Invasive Weed Removal

As well as Japanese knotweed, Oliver Brown Ltd also offers invasive weed removal of other plant species that are undesirable. These include Himalayan Balsam, Bamboo, Giant Hogweed and many more invasive species listed in the Wildlife and Countryside Act that can cause harm to the environment, buildings, infrastructure and in some instances people.

Oliver Brown Ltd are here to help with a team that is experienced in their eradication, removal and management. We can also supply and install Invasive Plant Root Barriers which will protect properties and sites from neighbouring infestations and when used in conjunction with other techniques can offer substantial savings in cost and time to projects.

All our projects can be offered with an insurance-backed guarantee from a recognised insurance provider (subject to all conditions being adhered to). Plus, in addition to the on-site works, we offer a consultancy service that will usually lead to a reduction in the project costs for clients.

At Oliver Brown Ltd, we offer our invasive plant management services to construction and ultility contractors, along with housebuilders and forestry customers across the UK. Simply get in touch today to learn more.

Invasive Plant Removal Services

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