What Is Hydroseeding?

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What Is Hydroseeding?

While traditional seeding methods have been in use for decades, advancements in agricultural technology mean that this is no longer the most efficient way of working, particularly if you’re working on land that is large or inaccessible. 

This is where hydroseeding comes in, offering a quick, efficient and cost-effective way of revegetating these areas.

Unless you’re in the industry, you may not have heard of hydroseeding before and might be unaware of the benefits it offers. Luckily, the team here at Oliver Brown Ltd are experts in the subject and have written this handy guide to help.

What is hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a seed planting method that combines seed, water and a carrier mulch. This mixture is then agitated in a hydroseeding machine to create a slurry which will be sprayed over the prepared soil. 

For more of an idea on how hydroseeding is applied, check out our video demonstration.

Where is hydroseeding used?

  • Large lawns or commercial spaces: Unlike traditional seeding methods, hydroseeding can cover expansive areas of land in no time, making it ideal for parks, golf courses and other large green spaces.

  • Inaccessible areas: Hydroseeding can help you reach unsafe and tricky-to-access spaces, such as embankments, slopes or areas with uneven terrain.

  • Wildflower seeding: Hydroseeding is commonly used when establishing new wildflower meadows as it allows you to quickly and evenly distribute wildflower seeds.

  • Areas where erosion is a concern: At construction sites, roadways or other areas where erosion could be a problem, hydroseeding helps to stabilise the soil and prevent erosion.

Benefits of hydroseeding 

So why should you choose hydroseeding? And what advantages does it offer over conventional seeding or laying turf?

  • Uniform coverage: The mulch contains a distinctive dye so you can see exactly where the hydroseed has already been applied and which areas still need to be covered. This ensures uniform coverage so you can say goodbye to patchy grass.

  • Cost-effective: Hydroseeding comes in at a much lower price point than laying turf while still ensuring maximum coverage.

  • Safer: Hydroseeding allows you to easily cover any steep, hazardous or hard-to-reach areas and reduces the risk of an accident when working on uneven terrain.

  • Faster: Unlike conventional seeding, hydroseeding allows you to cover large areas of land incredibly quickly. You’ll also see faster results, with initial growth often visible within five to six days, subject to weather and conditions.

  • Healthier lawn: Hydroseeding will result in a better quality lawn that is thicker and greener than traditional turf or a seeded lawn. It promotes faster seed germination, healthier root systems and fewer weeds.

  • Erosion control: The mulch used in hydroseeding helps to reduce the risk of erosion by acting as a protective layer that prevents the soil from being washed away by surface runoff.

  • Flexibility: Hydroseeding offers the opportunity to customise your lawn with a variety of grass types to suit different soil characteristics, levels of sunlight exposure, climates, irrigation needs and more.

Different types of hydroseeding products

Here at Oliver Brown Ltd, we can cater to a variety of landscapes by providing a range of hydroseeding products, including:

  • Blended mulch: A mix of 70% wood fibre and 30% clean recycled paper, our blended mulch absorbs water well and is suitable for use on many projects.

  • Wood fibre: As the name implies, this mulch is entirely made from whole wood fibres and provides a textured surface where seeds can grow. It provides exceptional water absorption and is a great way to establish vegetation in areas where irrigation is not in place.

  • Biostimulants: These specialist substances are incorporated into the hydroseeding mixture to stimulate seeds and encourage healthy plant development.

  • Hydro-fertiliser: This is added to the hydroseeding mixture to deliver slow release NPK and provide essential nutrients that ensure swift germination.

  • Tackifiers: Tackifiers – also known as soil binders, – bond the hydroseeding mixture to the soil to stabilise the surface and ensure the seed remains in place.

  • Flexterra HP-FGM: Flexterra High Performance-Flexible Growth Medium, also known as HP-FGM,  is a type of erosion control matrix that seals soil from rainfall, fosters faster growth and, of course, will provide prorection from erosion for up to 18 months during the establishment phase.

Unsure which hydroseeding products are right for your needs? Get in touch with the friendly team at Oliver Brown Ltd for guidance. As one of the country’s leading hydroseeding contractors, we offer an extensive range of hydroseeding and hydromulching services to customers across the UK, maintaining the highest standards with every project. Contact us to find out more.

What Is Hydroseeding?

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