The Advantages of Hydroseeding

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The Advantages of Hydroseeding

When it comes to seeding methods, we believe that hydroseeding is by far the best method out there. With multiple advantages, including cost-effectiveness, reliability, and speed, we believe there is no question when it comes to choosing hydroseeding over traditional dry seeding methods. Using our years of experience, we’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest advantages of hydroseeding.


The Mulch

The mulch used for hydroseeding is far more effective than the dry seed used with traditional broadcast seeding methods. The moisture that creates the mulch means that it sticks to the ground, unlike dry seeding which can blow away or be carried away by birds. The moisture retained in the mulch also makes for a far more positive environment in which grass can grow faster, as well as acting as an almost glue-like surface to protect against soil erosion. The mulch, combined with other factors, promotes the speedy growth of grass, with an initial growth often visible within five to six days.


The Customisation of Seeding and Fertiliser for your Soil

Hydroseeding allows for you to customise your lawn with different types of grass that are best suited to the soil type, exposed or shaded areas, climate, irrigation, and soil type. A method such as sodding can lead to the rejection of grass roots if the soil and seeds are incompatible. By customising all these factors in order to create a perfect match, healthy grass growth is optimised. Broadcast seeding poses a greater risk of overlap when seeding, or areas being missed altogether. The fertiliser that is integral to the mulch used with hydroseeding promotes growth in a way broadcast seeding simply cannot. To optimise growth further, fertiliser can also be customised in order to create the best possible fertiliser for your soil and seed combination.


Seed Distribution

The mulch used for hydroseeding contains a distinctive dye, meaning that the spreader knows immediately which areas are covered by the slurry mixture, and which aren’t – ensuring 100% coverage. Again, this simply is not guaranteed with broadcast seeding.


Cost Effective

Hydroseeding provides high-quality, maximum coverage results, without the expense of an alternate method such as sodding. Hydroseeding comes at just a fraction of the cost.


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Whether your decision is based on cost, appearance, quality, or flexibility, hydroseeding tops every category. For further information please contact one of our team at Oliver Brown Ltd.

The Advantages of Hydroseeding

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