Tips for choosing the right type of fencing for you

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Tips for choosing the right type of fencing for you

At Oliver Brown, we pride ourselves on the extensive selection of fencing that we offer, as well as our varied and personally-tailored fencing solutions. For some people and businesses, the type of fence you’re after might be obvious. However, if you’re not sure, choosing a fence that fulfils all of your criteria can be slightly more complicated. We’ve compiled a list of our general top tips that we advise all of our customers when it comes to selecting the right type of fence for you.


If privacy is a top priority for you, then consider a wooden panel fence, particularly one with little or no space between the boards. If you’re choosing a fence for your garden with privacy in mind, it may be easy to think the higher the better. This is not always the case – and can greatly impact on the amount of available sunlight in your garden.


Security is at the top of many peoples’ lists when it comes to fences. In this case, often the taller the better, and using a harder and less accessible material such as metal poles. Of course, it depends what you’re wanting to secure against. Animals and people vary greatly when it comes to prevention. Identify what your security priority is, and then look accordingly. Generally, 6ft-8ft is considered adequate for human intrusion prevention. 


Fencing is vital for anybody looking to secure livestock or prevent an area from being entered by certain types of wildlife. In recent years, we’ve seen the number of people requesting badger-proof fencing increase tenfold. We offer a great selection of custom-made fencing solutions that work for individual breeds, whether you’re wanting to keep them in or out! Contact us today to discuss further.

Weather Conditions

Fencing can be invaluable for properties or land that is geographically situated in an area that suffers particularly badly from the elements. Certain types of fencing can act as an excellent wind block, ideal for crops and gardens.


If you have a feature that you need safeguarding, such as a pond or lake, then a strong secure fence is the best solution. Safety fences in areas where children are present regularly is extremely important.     

Aesthetics and maintenance 

Of course, the appearance of your fence is important, be it to secure a building and send a message, or simply to compliment your garden and house. It’s also worth looking into how much maintenance your fence will require, and how much time/money you are willing to designate to what can be a yearly requirement.

Tips for choosing the right type of fencing for you

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