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Environment Policy

Oliver Brown Limited is committed to meeting the needs of its clients and customers in an environmentally-sound manner by seeking to minimise its environmental impact and acting on opportunities to generate environmental benefit.  The company is committed to achieving continual improvement in its environmental performance.

The company will ensure that this policy is implemented and maintained through the adoption of an environmental management system compliant with BS EN IS014001.

The policy forms the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives.

Oliver Brown Limited has the following objectives: 

  • To comply with relevant environmental statutory regulations. In particular to use, handle, transport, store, and dispose of, potentially environmentally-damaging materials, including waste, within the appropriate legislation and codes of practice.
  • To practice sustainable forest management through compliance with the ‘UK Forestry Standard’ and other industry guidelines, and to seek best practice in carrying out its activities.
  • To take account of and enhance as appropriate, issues such as conservation and biodiversity in growing and managing the forest resources of its clients.
  • To prevent pollution from arising from its activities or services.
  • To ensure that all employees are made aware of this policy, the environmental issues, and their own responsibilities. To ensure that all employees are competent to meet those responsibilities through training, communication, sharing of expertise, and monitoring of the company’s activities.
  • To encourage an environmental awareness and responsibility in its clients, suppliers, and contractors by example, instruction, and dissemination of information.
  • To maintain a strategy for external environmental communications including making this policy publicly available.


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Environment Policy

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